Underrepresented in Tech

--- Allie Nimmons & Michelle Frechette ---

Underrepresented in Tech was designed and built with the goal of demystifying diversity. Fear of tokenization and awkwardness blocks many leaders from reaching out to diverse individuals. This roadblock prevents amazing people from finding amazing opportunities. We built this tool so that if you want to prioritize diversity, you can. In our weekly podcast, creators Allie and Michelle discuss topics that are important to them as champions of diversity in the WordPress/tech community.

Brought to you by Allie Nimmons & Michelle Frechette of Underrepresented in Tech

Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 30: Going Back to In-Person Events

    In this episode of the Underrepresented in Tech podcast, Michelle and Allie talk about the recent announcement from Make.WordPress.com about returning soon to in-person events. Read the announcement and let us know how you feel about this informatiton. https://make.wordpress.org/community/2021/09/13/announcement-updated-guidelines-for-in-person-wordcamps/  ...


  2. Episode 29: How Women Create Space (feat. Emily Hunkler)

    In this episode of Underrepresented in Tech, Michelle talks to GoWP's COO Emily Hunkler about how women create space at the table for themselves and for each other. ...


  3. Episode 28: Negotiating a Salary (Feat. Camber Clemence)

    In this episode of Underrepresented in Tech, Allie and special guest Camber discuss the ins and outs of negotiating a salary! They even provide a real-world example that you can use as a jumping off point.  ...


  4. Episode 27: Networking as an Underrepresented Person

    In this episode of Underrepresented in Tech, Michelle and Allie talk about some tried and true tips for diverse people who are looking to get better at networking. ...


  5. Episode 26 - Finding the Right Workplace (Feat. Ebonie Butler)

    In this episode of the Underrepresented in Tech podcast, Allie Nimmons chats with Ebonie Butler, lead developer at Yikes Inc. Ebonie discusses what has made Yikes Inc. a great and supportive company for her to work as a black woman in tech. Great information here for underrepresented folks looking to ...